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Add plugins or modules like a calendar, form editor, blog, etc.

Add some more functionality rather then just text and images. A small blog app, a calendar app, add forms or edit forms. Add pages with SEO Friendly URLs. Ability to add a navigation(not a main nav). Something like that.

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    anonymous shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    planned  ·  Thomas McLeod responded  · 

    We’re starting work on “Widgetizing” Pagelime in August.


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      • Jesse commented  · 

        Hi Folks,
        We just launched a hosted blog product that works perfectly with PageLime.


        Check it out.. there is a free trial.

      • Carl commented  · 

        Guess I need to switch to surreal cms ... even am not able to purchase the PRO (error warning that they even can't get fixed...)

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Yes I am pretty sure Pagelime is dead since nothing happened on it

      • Carl commented  · 

        one year later again ...

      • AdminKJ (Support, PageLime) commented  · 

        Hey guys. Thanks for your interest in this. We are still planning this and work has been started to integrate this. However right now our stability and growth of core features are our priority.

      • KWD commented  · 

        Yes, a calendar with functionality similar to Google Calendar would be great... I currently have a client who uses a CMS, Google Calendar and Flickr... If I can persuade them to move to PL, then the Calendar will, I think, be the only thing they need :)

      • George Peacock commented  · 

        Been interesting to look through posts. For me its horses for courses. We are new to PL but see it as a solution for clients who need something really simple. If the clients wants to really get into more complex editing/updates then likes of WP and the larger commercial CMS platforms are way to go. However IMO many clients are quite intimidated in trying to use the larger platforms and want a simple approach. A typical client for us would know little about websites and would only want to intermittently update/add/edit text or images on some pages. Adding apps like calendars and database forms - even blogs etc they would expect us to do and we would implement from a choice of apps. If they need to be able to do more themselves then take them down the WP (or other CMS ) route. The big advantage of PL is its simplicity and ease of use. Horses for courses.

      • Ryan Phillips commented  · 

        I know you all have alot on your plate, however is the feature for some of the two biggest requests, Blog & Editable Rotating Photo Slider being implemented soon as features?

        I am not a coder and have not found how to "hack" pagelime to allow photos to be added/removed from their site in the editor. PLUS I noticed that the path for photos when loaded up in pagelime dynamically change on your amazon server, so the URL is never the same but changes each time I view it.

        I've searched the forum (which does not have a sufficient enough community to really solve any issues) youtube, googled, etc. All I find is that others are having the same problem and finding no real solution to the editable gallery issue. Is it really that overwhelming of a task to make rotating photo galleries editable by my clients?? I don't understand why this wasn't implemented a while back. Please help and let us know a definite ETA these features will be added to Pagelime. Please!! Thank You!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I've got to say that PageLime is a great solution for web professionals that like to roll-their-own sites and have clients manage them in a simple, efficient, and structured way.

        I understand clients' desire for editing all of their content in one single location by logging in one time. But, that is NOT what PageLime is, or in my opinion, should be about. If those features are included in your requirements for choosing a CMS, then you need to start looking at different solutions, or expanding your thought process on 3rd party integrations.

        Look at it this way. Each of your clients has a Google account used for claiming their business listing, using Webmaster Tools, Analytics, AdWords, etc. right? Let them use their Google account to manage those features, because Google has blogs, calendars, custom search engines, mapping, analytics, advertising, and whole slew more apps that you can integrate into your client's website. It’s a win-win-win! They win by getting to manage their syndicated content and business intelligence features using Google, you win by getting to design and develop the front end UI for that content, and the website audience wins because you’re helping provide a better overall experience for them.

        So, I’m not disappointed by the lack of a blog or calendar module, or Wufoo integration. All of those things are already possible; you’re just choosing not to integrate them :).

      • badlydrawnrob commented  · 

        Sounds promising, I know Wordpress have XML RPC which has been implemented nicely with minimal fuss to Blogsy iPad app — but will be interested to see how your blog implementation will pan out.

        I definitely think your right keeping things as stripped and simple as possible, and know from experience "simple things" don't translate to "simple coding" where apps are concerned. We've had to scrap lots of ideas too and these things take (a lot) of time!

        Wufoo is something I'm keen on shoehorning in too. Good luck ;)

      • Adminemil (Admin, PageLime) commented  · 

        Guys, the problem here is that we'd have to compromise the simplicty of Pagelime as a add a "cms-editable" and everything works for some of these to work elegantly. However some of this is going to start rolling out, but it will require the "web services" integration method and some coding. Our goal was to NOT have the Wordpress learning curve, and once we start doing that, we're going to run into issues supporting it, as we're not an open-source product and receive 100s of support emails daily, and we handle all of them (even the free account ones). With a complicated, coding-required plug-in, we simply can't support it at the price point we're offering.

        That said, we've been polishing our API and SDK behind the scenes, and our first piece rolling out will be our Heroku add-on soon. A blog-like plugin will be following, but it will be dead simple.

        We've also been working with Wufoo for a form editor, but their approach doesn't work very well with our visual editor, so we're a bit blocked on that until we figure out a way around that.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Also starting to look elsewhere, these days you need blog / gallery at minimum, ecom would be highly useful also but understand this is more work. Even if pagelime could interact with existing blog solutions such as wordpress / joomla whatever, the responsibility to set that up is on us, but the ability to have one seamless backend experience for our clients is desperately needed.

        Please is there any news on any of these features? and if so can you give us all a time frame? if not it seems that a majority of your users will be forced to move to other platforms that already provide these features, and that would be a shame as I think PageLime rocks, these days it just really needs a bigger tool set to compete with rival offerings.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Same here. I have started to look around for other cms softwares because there is not any real features like form editor, calendar, blog, etc...

      • bsetter commented  · 

        Has there been anymore progress on this? My clients are getting restless for more functionality blogs, and better photo gallery options.

      • Brian commented  · 

        Any updates? It seems that Pagelime is pretty silent these days!!!

      • POUND commented  · 

        Calendars, Blogs and widgets, oh my!

      • jjd commented  · 

        ETA??? It's been a year now!

      • megan commented  · 

        Are you guys on schedule with starting on your "widgetizing"? I'd love an ETA for blog setup. I'm putting together a solution for my client now, but unsure of how "temporary" this new solution is ... and i would *really* love my solution to be temporary ...

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