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admins specify which "div tags" certain users can edit.

Rather than having a universal "cms-editable" tag to specify editable regions, allow the admins to specify which of their users can edit certain tags.

For example:
Bob can edit tags named "cms-editable-bob".
John can edit tags named "cms-editable-john", but not Bob's tags.
Betty, member of the IT staff can edit all tags.

This would give admins a little more control over who can edit what on their websites, as opposed to a free-for-all where any user can edit any page or tag.

This is a great service! Keep it up!!

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    wesleydawson90 shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • rcdeck commented  · 

        Thanks for posting this Wesley, genius idea :)

      • rob commented  · 

        I think this feature would be great, please implement it soon.

      • intense commented  · 

        I'm currently building a site that'll have several hundred clients each with their own page that will be editable. Originally I was going to go with another cms to accomplish this but PageLime has a great interface that my clients will take to far more easily. The only problem is that I need to be able to specify exactly what pages each client can edit which is the only thing holding me back from grabbing a pro account. The ability to group clients and associate privelidges to the group would be great for a site with a large volume of users.

      • BaerMarketing commented  · 

        great idea! I think per page permissions would work. For instance, I update a site monthly but I have created 3 pages where the client can edit those pages via PageLime. I've also realized that many of my edits are easier in PageLime rather than in the raw code. But I don't want the client to be able to access the areas I can edit. So right now, I've code my editable areas with a different editable tag and I switch the editable tag whenever I want to edit my areas. Then I switch it back to the regular cms-editable for the client after I'm done with my areas. So a per page permissions would work great. Different editable tags with permissions would also work more universally, which I'm already doing, but in a very round-about way.

      • NeilD commented  · 

        This is a great idea!

      • kip shaw commented  · 

        I really like this idea! We have a page of restaurant listings where we want to offer each restaurant the chance to update their specials and prices. But I DON'T want them changing the phone number of another restaurant, which would be mighty hard to see!

      • ndrone1 commented  · 

        I think this is a good idea, but I kind of wonder if it would be just as easy for designers to still be the one and only administrators and simply log in to edit the code. I guess most think that's too hard and I guess I understand, but it seems to me just editing the code from an administrator's point of view will generally get the job done for none-accessible Pagelime CMS objects.

      • RickyP commented  · 

        Great idea.
        My reasons would be to stop certain users from being able to edit some areas, such as menus, includes.
        So would require a class " cms-editable-restricted-Bob" ect, the administrator would then assign permissions to a user to edit all or only "cms-editable-restricted-Bob" type of areas. The CMS would need to detect the 'Restricted' class and display the Name 'Bob'. Bob could be replaced by whatever is appropriate to that project: "cms-editable-restricted-Guests", "cms-editable-restricted-Reply" etc.

        In my requirement "cms-editable-restricted-Comments" so my users can offer access to there own users to reply to his comments.

      • Lee Boardman commented  · 

        A per page permissions screen would be perfect for a project I'm working on at the moment. Great idea!

      • Thomas J commented  · 

        This certainly would help with the project I am working on. Thanks for the consideration

      • chris commented  · 

        I think div specific permissions are a good idea. But it should be set through cms somehow and not through code. Because through code the coder needs to be aware/informed of permissions and I don't think this is feasible in large web development companies.

      • wesleydawson90 commented  · 

        Thanks! I really am glad I came across this service. With everything that I hear you all have planned, it will be everything I need to solve a ton of my problems I was facing as IT Director.

      • Adminemil (Admin, PageLime) commented  · 

        I like the concept! I don't know if it should be a code level thing. Perhaps it could be done as a per page permissions screen. It would take some manual configuration per page to get the permissions set up. Tom and I will walk through this and white board some ideas, and probably share them on the blog.

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